Clean Air for Life with Innova NanoJet Technology!

Rapid Air Purification with Only Water and Completely Filter-LESS!

Clean Air for Life with Innova NanoJet Technology!

Innova NanoJet Technology introduces the CDa-Model H, the world’s first air purification system that utilizes an innovative nanodroplet spray that generates atomized water with kinetic energy to rapidly disinfect the air in rooms of any size. This proprietary, ultrafine droplet spray emits microscopic water particles as small as 10 nanometers at hypersonic speeds, which rapidly yet effectively disinfect the air by encapsulating and removing air pollutants including pollen and dust. Moreover, the CDa Model-H does not require a filter, eliminating additional costs and hassle

Innova NanoJet’s acronym, CDa, stands for cleaning and disinfecting air. It is our goal to make a positive impact in the world by designing and developing cost-effective solutions that improve the health of everyone across the globe with clean air technologies.

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Clean Air for Life with Innova NanoJet Technology!
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