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Julie Howard
July 27, 2022 Julie Howard

Touchless Restroom Dispensers

Julie Howard, vice president and general manager of GP PRO’s Towel, Skin Care, and Air Care categories, discusses trends in automated touchless restroom dispensers.

The Inside Story: How Robotics and Automation Impacts Cleaning and Maintenance in the 21st Century
July 22, 2022

Video: The Inside Story: How Robotics and Automation Impacts Cleaning and Maintenance in the 21st Century

In this episode of Straight Talk! with ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross, find out how automation increases productivity with Gausium's global business development director, Peter Kwestro.

Robots, AMRs
June 15, 2022 Brant Insero & Adam Camhi

Integrating Robots into Workloading

Prepare your staff for automation to ensure a successful transition

Digital Trends in Facility Management
March 9, 2022 Emily Newton

4 Top Digital Trends Changing Facility Management

A look at four types of technology that are helping facility managers solve significant challenges and meet specific goals.


job scheduling software
February 16, 2022 CMM Staff

Q&A: Job Scheduling Software Trends

Key benefits of job scheduling software are improving productivity, efficiencies, and profitability of a BSC.

Indoor air quality, dust, IAQ, PM2.5
January 12, 2022 Michael Driedger

Pinpoint Indoor Air Quality Issues Through IoT Technology

Data from Internet of Things technology can help you pinpoint the location and cause of indoor air quality problems so you can adjust your cleaning and maintenance protocols accordingly.

Robotic Cleaning Machines
December 22, 2021 Dan McSweeney

5 Questions to Ask When Considering Robotic Cleaning Machines

Autonomous cleaning machines are maximizing productivity, increasing reliability, and elevating janitorial employees’ skills.

Cleaning Technology Trends, Emerging Cleaning Technologies
December 1, 2021 Amy W. Richardson

Cleaning Technology Trends Roundup

CMM's annual benchmarking survey of building service contractors (BSCs) asked which emerging cleaning technologies BSCs plan to adopt in the next 12 months. Here is a roundup of the top five.

Smart water management
October 13, 2021 Emilio Tenuta

Q&A: Smart Water Management

How facilities can help foster resilience to the physical, financial, and regulatory risks presented by water scarcity.

2021 CMM BSC/Building Service Contractor/Contract Cleaning Survey, BSCs
September 28, 2021 Amy W. Richardson

CMM’s 2021 BSC/Contract Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report

The annual CMM BSC/Contract Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report provides a snapshot of how building service contractors (BSCS) are performing during another year of unprecedented change. 

Dispenser Innovations
September 23, 2021 Scott Campbell

Dispensing Innovation

A closer look at today’s chemical dispensers

May 27, 2021 Nicole Bowman

Rethinking Recycling

As we look to the future of commercial recycling programs, it’s clear that many of the changes brought about by the global pandemic are here to stay.

cleaning door handle, cleaning products, cleaning, RTU
May 25, 2021 Katherine Pickett

The Staying Power of RTU

Since the start of the pandemic, some manufacturers and distributors report sales of RTU products have increased considerably.

Robotic Floor Scrubbers
May 20, 2021 Amy W. Richardson

In Focus: Robotic Floor Scrubbers

Rising labor costs, increasing health and safety concerns, and limited resources are factors contributing to the rapid implementation of robot cleaners, including autonomous floor scrubbers.

fleet maintenance, cars, vehicles,
April 23, 2021 Matt Farnham

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Cleaning Companies

Preventative measures and regular checkups will keep your company vehicle costs down.

UV-C light
April 19, 2021 Jeff Cross

The Power of UV-C Light

Manufacturers of UV-C technology and industry consultants can point to data that prove it works and is an effective antimicrobial innovation.