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Concrete Wars: Go to Battle With Ameripolish on Your Side
July 11, 2024 Sponsored by Ameripolish

Concrete Wars: Go to Battle With Ameripolish on Your Side

When it comes to maintaining and restoring polished concrete floors, Ameripolish stands out as the ultimate solution, especially in an industry where the balance between ease of use and advanced technology is crucial.

Take Charge of Sweeping Environmental Changes
June 12, 2024 Conway Hui

Take Charge of Sweeping Environmental Changes

Driving sustainability ambitions in the floor care industry starts at the source—with better battery and charger solutions.

Bucky Snell
May 15, 2024 Sponsored by Spartan Chemical Company

A Return to Sustainability: Trends in Professional Cleaning Programs

In this episode of Straight Talk!, Bucky Snell, the East Coast Building Service Contractor Manager for Spartan Chemical Company, discusses the returning demand for sustainable cleaning and shares that going green is a lot easier and cost-effective than you may think!

Cindy Hogan
May 10, 2024 Sponsored by Dial Professional

A New Era of Health, Hygiene, and Sustainability: Introducing Versa from Dial Professional

In this DemoXperience, Cindy Hogan, Dial Professional National Account Manager, explains the features and benefits of the Versa system.


Ed Hynum of Phoenix Restoration Equipment
April 25, 2024 Sponsored by Phoenix Restoration Equipment

Revolutionizing Restoration: Introducing the DryMAX XL Pro Dehumidifier

In this DemoXperience, sponsored by Phoenix Restoration Equipment, learn how the brand-new DryMAX XL Pro dehumidifier is a game-changer for restoration professionals looking to increase productivity.

Jerred Attanasio at Spartan
April 11, 2024 Sponsored by Spartan Chemical Company

CleanCheck: The BSC’s Secret to Compliance, Safety, and Employee Retention

In this episode of Straight Talk!, Jerred Attanasio, the director of building service contractors at Spartan Chemical Company, tells us how you can level up your training efforts with CleanCheck in your company.

EVS worker with spray bottle
April 9, 2024 Emily Rosenberg

Debating Dilutable Vs. Ready-to-Use Disinfectants in Healthcare

An important choice that environmental services (EVS) management must make lies between the use of dilutable disinfectant products versus ready-to-use (RTU) versions.

Sani Professional
April 5, 2024 Sponsored by Sani Professional

Transforming Sustainability in Food Service: Sani Professional’s Versatile Dry Food Service Towel

In this DemoXperience, sponsored by Sani Professional, learn how you can control the mess, the cost, and the roll with the Sani Professional Dry Food Service Towel.

Cleaning stone slabs with the high-pressure cleaner
April 1, 2024 Kathleen Misovic

Spray Away Winter’s Dirt and Grime

Is the outside of your facility looking a bit dingy from the effects of winter weather? A pressure washing to flush out soils quickly and efficiently might be just what your facility’s exterior surfaces need this spring.

Innova Nanojet Straight Talk
March 15, 2024 Sponsored by Innova NanoJet Technology Limited

Innova NanoJet: Your Innovative Source for Clean Air for Life

In this episode of Straight Talk!, sponsored by Innova NanoJet Technologies Limited, CT Wang, Innova NanoJet president, shares more about the company and its mission to deliver clean air for life.

Lysol Pro Straight Talk - respiratory viruses
January 19, 2024 Sponsored by Reckitt’s Lysol Pro Solutions

Respiratory Virus Preparedness: The Vital Role of Hygiene Programs in Helping Safeguard Workplaces

In this episode of Straight Talk!, sponsored by Reckitt’s Lysol Pro Solutions, Brian Leafblad, R&D Senior Manager, Global Business Solutions, discusses how to help protect workers and visitors in your facility against trending respiratory viruses.

PDI sponsored video
December 11, 2023 Sponsored by PDI

Experience the ALL-NEW Tru-D iQ System

In this DemoXperience, sponsored by PDI, learn about this exciting UVC disinfecting technology.

Man with electrical floor scrubber
December 4, 2023 Matt Herr

Examine Your Battery Options

Applying careful consideration to the batteries you select can reduce battery maintenance, equipment downtime, operator errors, and overall costs.

Spartan Video
November 22, 2023 Sponsored by Spartan Chemical Company

Spartan Chemical Company: The Industry’s Premier Innovator With Plenty to Showcase

In this episode of Straight Talk!, sponsored by Spartan Chemical Company, Bryan Mangum, Spartan vice president of sales, discusses Spartan’s current innovations and its plans for the future.

Boot footprints in snow
November 8, 2023 Amy Peveler

Keep Snow, Ice, and Water Off Your Floors This Winter

Learn how to use a dual-mat system during winter to protect facility floors from damage and contamination, reduce the risk of slips, and prevent bacterial spread.

Advantive Logo Black
August 23, 2023 Sponsored by Advantive

DDI System: The ERP Software the Distribution Industry Needs Today

Watch this demo, sponsored by Advantive, to learn more about an innovative software platform developed specifically for those in the distribution industry.