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Hard Floors

Shiny floors
February 2, 2023 HCPA Floor Care Products Division

Focus on the Finish

Your facility’s flooring is a reflection of your facility’s overall image. If your floors look dingy, worn-out, and stained, that can impact how people view your facility. But by focusing on the flooring’s finish, you can improve its appearance as well as its safety.

Slip and fall incident report
December 7, 2022 Russ Kendzior

Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) offers information, training, and certifications to help facility managers reduce the risk of falling.

How to Restore the Shine to Polished Concrete Floors
November 10, 2022 Justin Brown

How to Restore the Shine to Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are relatively low maintenance. However, improper maintenance by stripping and waxing can ruin the floors' appearance as well as damage them.

2022 CMM Webinar: Create a Clean & Safe Shine
June 23, 2022

2022 CMM Webinar: Create a Clean & Safe Shine

Are you sacrificing health and safety for that glossy shine when it comes to your hard floor care routine? Are the cleaning products you use doing more harm than good?


Robots, AMRs
June 15, 2022 Brant Insero & Adam Camhi

Integrating Robots into Workloading

Prepare your staff for automation to ensure a successful transition

mopping, cleaning floor, shiny flooring
May 23, 2022 Dave Darche

Tips for Maintaining Resilient Flooring

Proper care of your flooring will preserve its shine and durability. Follow these tips to protect your facility's flooring investment.

Monolithic flooring
May 18, 2022 Dave Darche

Redefining Monolithic Flooring

Smooth monolithic flooring surfaces reduce the risk of bacteria growth or germ contamination that can occur in floors with joints or seams. Their durability also makes this type of flooring resistant to harmful chemicals. 

Slips, Trips, and Falls STFs
May 4, 2022 Mike Sawchuk

Q&A: Slips, Trips, and Falls

How to protect facility occupants and visitors from harmful and expensive falls

Hard Floors
April 27, 2022 Amy W. Richardson

Summer School for Hard Floors

Learn how to use the summer break to your floors’ advantage.

Winter Floors, Snow Melt
February 28, 2022 Brian Miller

3 Strategies to Keep Winter’s Wrath From Damaging Your Floors

Get ahead of any seasonal flooring concerns with a few key steps that include mapping out foot traffic, installing entryway systems, and testing deicer products.

winter mat selection
January 17, 2022 John Engel

Mat Selection Tips to Combat Winter Floor Challenges

Capture the majority of dirt and moisture before it enters your building with a proper matting system.

Robotic Cleaning Machines
December 22, 2021 Dan McSweeney

5 Questions to Ask When Considering Robotic Cleaning Machines

Autonomous cleaning machines are maximizing productivity, increasing reliability, and elevating janitorial employees’ skills.

Sustainable Flooring
December 8, 2021 Kirk Roberts

When Planning for Sustainability, Remember the Flooring

Three ways facility managers can protect the environment by renovating rather than replacing floors

Flooring Inspector
November 1, 2021 Robert Blochinger

How, When, and Why to Use a Third-Party Flooring Inspector

Learn how using professional representation during any phase of a project can protect you from larger issues.

Floor mats
October 25, 2021 John Engel

Floor Mats Selection, Placement, and Care Tips

Matting considerations include size, material, location, and facility type.

Cleaning Community Gives Back
October 21, 2021 Amy W. Richardson

Cleaning Community Gives Back

A group of Florida cleaning companies works together to help local charities that serve children and veterans.