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checklist, facility manger
August 15, 2022 Emily Newton

Updating Your Facility Management Strategy

Creating strategic change takes time, discipline, and patience. Leaders seeking to launch an upgraded facility management strategy must do so in an organized manner.

A Win for Team Gladys
August 10, 2022 Amy W. Richardson

A Win for Team Gladys

Gladys Hernandez, a custodian at Blue Valley CAPS high school in Overland Park, Kansas, was the grand prize winner of the third annual Custodians Are Key contest.

indoor air quality
August 3, 2022 Kathleen Misovic

Is the Breathing Easy in Your Facility?

In March, the Biden administration launched the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge (CABC), calling on building owners and managers to adopt strategies for improving indoor air quality.

insects, bugs, bedbugs, pests
July 20, 2022 Jennifer R. Gordon, Ph.D.

Discover Clues in Pest Control

Custodians can look for and gather evidence of insects without compromising the cleanliness of a facility.


The Vulnerable Building: Strategies to Identifying Risks and Responding to Threats
July 7, 2022

Video: The Vulnerable Building: Strategies to Identifying Risks and Responding to Threats

In this episode of Straight Talk! with ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross, discover how to keep your properties safe as a building owner or manager thanks to industry expert Johnathan Tal, CEO of TAL Global Corporation.

hiring, hiring season, help wanted
July 5, 2022 Seth Ferriell

Summer Break Is No Vacation for University Facilities Management

Learn how one BSC puts together a talented facilities services team for its college and university partners during the summer hiring season.

school, teacher, classroom
June 29, 2022 Jason Gillis

Improve School Environments with HVAC Solutions and Upgrades

Installing a new HVAC system, or upgrading an existing one, can improve the comfort of a K-12 school's environment, leading to better learning.

Cleaning by day
June 8, 2022 Tim Poskin

Cleaning by Day

If you desire a better facility image with both appearance and health in mind, it may be time to consider scheduling daytime cleaning services or employing a day porter.

Wasps_Jennifer Gordon on Straight Talk
June 6, 2022

Video: How to Handle Wasps in Your Facility

In this episode of Straight Talk! with ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross, learn all about wasps and how to handle nests in your facility from urban and medical entomologist Jennifer Gordon with Bug Lessons.

mopping, cleaning floor, shiny flooring
May 23, 2022 Dave Darche

Tips for Maintaining Resilient Flooring

Proper care of your flooring will preserve its shine and durability. Follow these tips to protect your facility's flooring investment.

Monolithic flooring
May 18, 2022 Dave Darche

Redefining Monolithic Flooring

Smooth monolithic flooring surfaces reduce the risk of bacteria growth or germ contamination that can occur in floors with joints or seams. Their durability also makes this type of flooring resistant to harmful chemicals. 

Green Cleaning
April 13, 2022 Perry Shimanoff

Your Green Cleaning Mission Starts With a Checklist

Complex systems need handling with care, knowledge—and checklists. 

2022 In-House Facility Management Benchmarking Survey
March 17, 2022 Amy W. Richardson

2022 In-House/Facility Management Benchmarking Survey Report

The annual survey report offers a glimpse into how facility managers and in-house service providers are recovering from the global pandemic and what trends they’ll see for the rest of 2022.

Earth Day
March 11, 2022 Stephen P. Ashkin

Start Planning Your Earth Day Event

It’s time to spotlight your facility’s contributions to a cleaner, safer, and healthier planet.

Digital Trends in Facility Management
March 9, 2022 Emily Newton

4 Top Digital Trends Changing Facility Management

A look at four types of technology that are helping facility managers solve significant challenges and meet specific goals.

carpeting, vacuuming, carpet, floor care
February 28, 2022 Matthew Baratta

Spring Cleaning Your Carpet

Choose the right equipment, cleaning solution, and process to extract mud, salt, and other winter debris from your facility's carpet.