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February 22, 2024

CMM Daily News
Child's hands

Janitorial Company Accused of Using Child Labor

Federal investigators found children employed as industrial cleaners in Iowa and Virginia.

The Tedious Task of Cleaning a Masterpiece

February 21, 2024

CMM Daily News
Hispanic female cleaning pros

DOL Releases Updated Equity Action Plan

Revised version offers support to individuals with limited English proficiency.

Utah Cleaning Company Provides Jobs for its Underserved Community

February 20, 2024

CMM Daily News
Cleaning Crew

Custodians Are Key Contest Finalists Announced

Gen Z Workers Worried About Getting Replaced by AI

February 15, 2024

CMM Daily News
Tired hotel housekeeper

Hospitality Industry Hit Hardest by US Labor Shortage

Hospitality has experienced the highest quit rates of all U.S. industries.

2023–2024 Happy Hands Contest Finalists Announced

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CDC Updates Antimicrobial Resistance Investment Map

The map provides transparency on the CDC’s funding to fight against antimicrobial infections.

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Cleaning Products Manufacturer Fined $194K After Worker Severs Fingertip

The Green Bay company violated federal regulations for the control of hazardous energy.

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Global Detergent Chemicals Market Could Reach $127.7B by 2032

Influenza Season Persists Across the US

CDC reports elevated flu activity with regional increases hinting at a prolonged season.

IFMA Seeks Volunteers for New Committee

US Small Businesses Not Motivated to Offer Worker Retirement Plans

Americans Would Give Up Eating Out for a Perpetually Clean Bathroom

A recent survey looks at what U.S. adults would sacrifice to never clean a bathroom again.

Pineapple Express Brings Flooding, Mudslides to California

Record-setting rainfall claims three lives, as the system continues to move south and east.

Study Finds Massachusetts Has Biggest Increase in Fatal Workplace Injuries

Remembering Wringing Mop Inventor This Black History Month

African American Thomas W. Stewart patented the mop in 1893.