Easy on your Budget, Easy on the Planet

AquaChem Pacs

Buying cleaning chemicals in a haphazard fashion? Spending a fortune but getting subpar results? 

Try 100% dissolvable liquid cleaning pacs by Aqua ChemPacs. They’re affordable, sustainable, portion-controlled, and easy-to-use.

Simply drop, fill, shake, and you’re ready to clean.

Supercharge your cleaning routine with a custom kit of dissolving products designed specifically for you. Our most popular cleaning kit features: 

• Neutral floor cleaner

• Glass cleaner

• All-purpose heavy-duty cleaner. 

Other products available include: disinfectant cleaner, hand soap, heavy-duty floor cleaner, and more. 

Each year, ChemPacs technology prevents approximately 7 million pounds of plastic from reaching landfills. 

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Easy on your Budget, Easy on the Planet
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