Four Pillars of Infection Prevention From Spartan Chemical

Four Pillars of Infection Prevention From Spartan Chemical


Now that we’re in the peak of flu season, it is important to be prepared and take the required steps to clean and disinfect properly with an effective infection control program, including the right products combined with training and management tools. Whether it’s a common cold, norovirus, or COVID-19, Spartan offers a program to keep building residents safe and healthy. Follow these pillars of success to ensure you are doing everything you can to stop the spread of infection.

Pillar 1: Disinfection

When it comes to disinfectants, there is no silver bullet that satisfies all situations. Fully understanding the environment, and the types of pathogens to be addressed, are all critical factors. Below are four important considerations to guide your decision making.
1. Level of kill:

  • Sanitize: Reduce pathogens to a safe level (99.9% reduction)
  • Disinfect: Eliminate 100% of claimed pathogens
  • Sterilize: Eliminate 100% of organisms on the surface

2. Contact time: Use a product with a fast contact time to ensure efficacy against a known outbreak
3. Environment: Determine if you have a routine, pandemic, or outbreak situation
4. Ready-to-use or concentrate: Consider convenience, safety, and sustainability

Pillar 2: Hand Hygiene

Hand washing and sanitizing solutions are an important part of any infection prevention program. Spartan’s foamyiQ can be installed in multiple locations so you have on-demand sanitizing capabilities, as well as ease of access to hand washing stations.

Pillar 3: Staff Training

Even the best cleaning products fall short if they are not properly used. Therefore, training your staff is probably the most effective component in your infection prevention strategy. CleanCheck® from Spartan Chemical demonstrates the proper procedures to ensure a clean, safe, and healthy environment for both building residents and staff.

CleanCheck also offers a disinfection specialist accreditation.

Pillar 4: Peace of Mind

Provide peace of mind for building occupants and staff through customized signage that advises them that the space has been cleaned and sanitized. Spartan Chemical offers a broad range of
products to ensure you can keep buildings clean, healthy, safe, and sanitized. Our expertly trained regional managers and distributor sales reps are standing by to help you build a managed cleaning program, complete with training for staff that’s free! From disinfectants to floor care, and everything in between—combined with a complete hand hygiene program featuring the exclusive foamyiQ® dispenser-free skin care system—Spartan knows how to make clean simple!


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Four Pillars of Infection Prevention From Spartan Chemical
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