Gym Owner Discovers a New Battery Can Make a Big Difference

Gym Owner Discovers a New Battery Can Make a Big Difference

Gyms are popular with people pursuing a higher fitness level, but keeping the floors clean can be difficult due to sweaty workouts and hand chalk. For this reason, Junior Hernandez, owner of Covert Athletics in Calimesa, California, purchased a battery-powered cleaning machine and upgraded it with U.S. Battery’s ESSENTIAL Li®
deep-cycle battery.

“We’re a full-function gym that got started in 2013, and we operate classes in functional fitness training that include weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, metabolic conditioning, and more,”
said Hernandez. “We wanted a cleaning machine because we make quite a bit of mess from our workouts, and we use lots of hand chalk. So the floors get nasty.”

While he loved the floor machine, he discovered he could only clean the 4,000-plus square foot of gym mat once daily on a full charge. “One of our members works for U.S. Battery Manufacturing
and saw we had some issues,” said Hernandez. “He told me about the company’s lithium-ion batteries, so I had it installed with a charger and a remote display gauge. Now I can clean the entire gym floor up to twice a day and charge the cleaning machine only once a week! So compared to charging daily, the switch to the new battery made my life a whole lot easier.”

Case Study Facts

The Bulldog WD212 floor cleaning machine used by Covert Athletics originally had two 12-volt Marine deep-cycle 27 batteries installed in series to make a 24-volt pack. In this configuration, the machine delivered just one hour of runtime because of a steady draw of ~40A of current when in use; the original battery pack only had a capacity of ~52Ah before the machine shut down.

To improve performance, Hernandez switched to a single U.S. Battery 24V GC2 ESSENTIAL Li deep-cycle battery, paired with a Lester Summit II battery charger and U.S. Battery remote display
gauge. The battery has a ~67 amp-hour capacity, and at a ~40A draw, it maintains ~67 Ah. This results in a 30% increase in runtime and up to eight times the expected battery life, all with the
benefits of zero maintenance and three times faster charging.

“I didn’t think simply switching our floor cleaning machine to a new battery would be such a game-changer,” said Hernandez. “I’m running this machine multiple times a day, and keeping
the floors sanitary and clean is important to me as a gym owner. Now, I can easily navigate through that process every single day.”

For more information on the U.S. Battery ESSENTIAL Li line of batteries for cleaning machines, visit U.S.

U.S. Battery


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Gym Owner Discovers a New Battery Can Make a Big Difference
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