HyTech Seas: From the Ocean, For the Ocean

HyTech Seas: From the Ocean, For the Ocean

If nothing is done by 2050, plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish that call it home. Sofidel’s Papernet brand HyTech Seas Dispensers build a better future for our planet by helping to remove
plastic waste from our waterways. The dispensers are made using fishing nets recovered from the ocean.

HyTech Seas Dispensers are available in no-touch electronic and no-touch mechanical hand towel dispensers, and in a twin jumbo toilet paper dispenser. They provide a reliable and sustainable solution for nearly all types of facility restrooms. Created in sleek designs from highly resistant plastic, they are long-lasting and reduce maintenance costs. These innovative dispensers, winner of the 2022 Environment & Sustainability Award at ISSA Show North America, help promote your facility’s commitment to hygiene and sustainability!

Posted On March 20, 2023

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HyTech Seas: From the Ocean, For the Ocean
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