Looking Forward to the Future of Cascades With François David

David Francois

Cascades recently announced an important addition to their North American leadership team with François David stepping into the role of Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Innovation. This comes at a time when there is still much uncertainty around the world due to Covid-19, but Cascades remains dedicated to its customers, partners and the communities in which it operates. Innovative ideas and sustainable solutions are at the core of the corporation, and David has hit the ground running alongside his team.

Staying true to a sustainable, customer-centric approach for the future

David does not consider himself an entrepreneur, but an intrapreneur—he is passionate about organized companies like Cascades that inspire him to bring forth fresh perspectives that align with the complex evolution of the industry.

With recent trends focused on the acceleration of e-commerce, Cascades has the potential to expand in the paper industry. David has his eye on helping Cascades become more fully integrated overall with e-commerce-ready solutions for conscious packaging of products to better answer to the evolving distributor clientele needs. These ideas will be supported by existing sustainable processes for products and will speak directly to the need for timely and quality service.

Building success in numbers

David has more than two decades of extensive marketing and sales experience across a multitude of industries. His professional career began at Johnson & Johnson, which led to positions that enabled him to launch new business development at Bell Media, develop a national brand vision at Molson Coors and manage commercial operations at Pierre Fabre Group, among other initiatives and responsibilities.

With his brand and private label expertise, he is a pioneer of adaptation, product launches and innovation. The diversity of the different industries in which he’s worked allows him to lead with a unique, strategic perspective. Cascades will benefit from the variety of his previous experience, which has enabled him to be both flexible and adaptable to the constant evolution of the industry. His knowledge and expertise position him well to spot key trends, offer a fresh perspective and ultimately make informed, strategic decisions to further elevate Cascades as a thought leader and customer centric company.

Above all, David is looking forward to continuing collaboration with the Cascades teams.

“My biggest passion is building effective teams,” David said. “When I see that my team is striving, successful, growing and being recognized, that is really my true passion in life.”

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Posted On December 3, 2021

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Looking Forward to the Future of Cascades With François David
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