Partnering for Success: Protecting Flooring Investments

Partnering for Success: Protecting Flooring Investments

An increasing number of schools and facilities are replacing traditional finished floor and carpet with luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in an effort to reduce maintenance, repair, and associated costs. LVT is
attractive because it is marketed as requiring little to no upkeep, but the reality is that the flooring develops scuffs, scratches, and wear over time. Traditional flooring cleaners and treatments
will not resolve these issues. Finding innovative solutions to these types of problems is a primary aim for both Ecolab and GSF USA Inc., a global cleaning services company.

Soon after schools within the districts that GSF serves began installing LVT flooring, the company noticed recurring dirt and wear in certain areas. LVT floors are made up of several layers, including a clear “wear” layer at the top. Fine scratches in that layer, especially in high-traffic areas, cannot be removed with traditional flooring cleaners or waxes. Replacing floor sections would result in significant expense to the schools. But leaving the floors as they were would reflect poorly on the schools’ image.

Ecolab introduced GSF to No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector which is specifically designed to protect and maintain LVT floors by cleaning and repairing minor scratches in these floors without adding gloss or a flooring finish. The solution fills imperfections in the wear layer, keeping floors looking new and protecting them from future wear and tear. The daily-use cleaner is easy to use, requires no additional training, and can be applied with existing custodial equipment, whether it is diluted in a mop bucket or used in an auto floor scrubber. Following a demonstration of the product, GSF introduced it to schools with immediate success. No/Low quickly became the go-to solution for any school transitioning to LVT floors.

GSF and Ecolab have been able to help deliver an image everyone can be proud of. “Before we started using the product, you didn’t see that sheen tile floors should have,” said GSF Branch
Manager Steve Lusk. “Now with the restorative capabilities of No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector, floors definitely have a natural sheen, and it lasts longer.” “It’s nice that we’re able to take this to a school with luxury vinyl flooring and utilize the product to help them maintain and protect their investments,” said GSF Branch Manager Adolfo Vejar. “We’ve found it to
be a great product.”

Contact an Ecolab representative to experience No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector in your facility.


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Partnering for Success: Protecting Flooring Investments
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