Rent the Future—Autonomous Cleaning Is Within Your Grasp

Kärcher offers many convenient plans

Rent the Future—Autonomous Cleaning Is Within Your Grasp

You know keeping facilities clean is a lot of work and managing cleaning equipment can be a challenge, given the uncertainty of contract lengths and managing your fleet. An easy solution to consider is renting Kärcher autonomous equipment.

With autonomous equipment, you can easily offload some of your most time-consuming tasks and focus more time on higher-value projects. The next generation of KIRA (Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Applications) floor cleaning machines—the autonomous KIRA CV 60/1 Robotic Vacuum and KIRA B100 R Robotic Floor Scrubber—have arrived. Equipped with BrainOS®, these machines are ready to handle real world environments flawlessly. With their autonomous operation, you can trust KIRA machines to get the job done right—even when you’re not around.

The benefits include increased productivity with a perfect cleaning route every time. Simple controls allow for monitoring all cleaning functions. Have of peace of mind knowing the Smart Detection System safely avoids people and obstacles. Plus, with improved consistency and coverage, your staff have increased ability to meet the scope of work, ultimately providing a return on investment.

You can say good-bye to long term contracts with Kärcher autonomous equipment. With our convenient rental program, you can choose a rental term for 3, 6, or 12 months. It’s just that easy. 

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Rent the Future—Autonomous Cleaning Is Within Your Grasp
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