Safer Choice® Certified Products From Spartan Chemical

Safer Choice® Certified Products From Spartan Chemical

At Spartan Chemical, we make clean safe®. We have been pioneers of the “green” movement for over 20 years by continuously innovating cleaning solutions that not only achieve greater sustainability for our environment but also exceed expectations for performance. Fifteen of our products have received Safer Choice certification. These formulations are created with plant-based ingredients, use biodegradable solutions, and are free of harmful chemicals. What’s more, we manufacture them in facilities that efficiently reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing waste to landfills, limiting energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, and optimizing natural resources. Spartan Chemical is honored to be awarded the EPA’s 2023 Safer Choice Partner of the Year—recognizing our shared dedication to protecting the health of people and the planet. Together, we make sustainability simple.

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Safer Choice® Certified Products From Spartan Chemical
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