Superior Protection When You Need It Most

Cascades PRO

In today’s world, the less surfaces you have to touch the better and the Cascades PRO Tandem® Electronic dispenser is here for your protection. This 100% electronic dispenser features a large sensor that reliably detects movement across a wide area, meaning you get the paper you need without having to touch any extra surfaces.

Not only does it ensure optimal hand hygiene, but the Tandem Electronic Dispenser also saves time for custodial staff with quick-load technology, a quick-check design and two smart LED indicator lights that identify when paper rolls and batteries are running low, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency. 

Contact your Cascades PRO representative to learn more about the Tandem Electronic Dispenser, as well as the rest of our Tandem family.

Cascades PRO

Posted On July 30, 2021

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Superior Protection When You Need It Most
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