The SmartFloor™ Maintenance System

The SmartFloor™ Maintenance System

The SmartFloor™ Maintenance concept from Ameripolish is engineered to provide the end user with a highly aesthetic floor and an easy and economical way to maintain a polished
concrete floor utilizing standard janitorial equipment and existing personnel. The SmartFloor™ Maintenance System consists of Daily Maintenance Pads (blue) for daily maintenance
and Restoration Pads (orange) for removing stains or recovering lightly worn-out floors back to a sustainable aesthetic. The SmartFloor™ Maintenance System inserts are made of unique
composite resin abrasive technology that maintains a highly refined floor without ongoing stock removal, and it also successfully remediates etches and stains.

Learn how the SmartFloor™ Maintenance System is better performing, easier to use, and more cost-effective than other pad systems!

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The SmartFloor™ Maintenance System
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