When Hiring an Office Cleaning Company, Ask These 3 Things

When Hiring an Office Cleaning Company, Ask These 3 Things

Partnering with an effective commercial cleaning services company that consistently keeps an office clean and healthy has always been important.  The process of researching the appropriate commercial cleaning company is vital.  Doing so effectively will save a prospective client time, money and assure peace-of-mind.

Do you really know what you want?

Hiring an office cleaning service should be consultative, and productive dialogue between the prospective vendor and client is important.  Often, the client approaches the purchasing process with an expectation that the cleaning company, as the expert, should have all the information needed to produce an appropriately customized proposal.  While the potential contractor should bring its expertise to bear, arming the bidding janitorial service company with important organizational specific details regarding needs and wants positions the parties for success.  For instance, what kind of foot traffic does the facility experience in the course of a day or week? Is that traffic leather loafers or muddied boots? How detailed a clean does the organization desire – technically and financially?  Furnishing the bidder with your facility priorities is vital to selecting the right cleaning company.

Experience counts

The commercial cleaning industry has very low barriers-to-entry, making it easily accessible to any would-be office cleaning services operator. As a result, facility managers should thoroughly assess any potential contractor’s tenure and reputation by gathering references.  Experience is important in terms of cleaning knowledge, but also in operational procedures like billing, customer service and know-how in numerous types of facilities.  Because effective office and facility cleaning is based on the ability of the individual providing service, an experienced commercial cleaning company will have a deep bench of capable cleaners, service providers and operations personnel. 

Process and protocols

Office cleaning is a service based on humans. No matter how outstanding a cleaning company or their reputation and experience, things can and will go wrong.  How your company manages those unexpected speed bumps means a great deal.  In researching a janitorial service, don’t just focus on cleaning specifications or technical know-how, research the company’s behind-the-scenes policy by making specific inquiries.  What happens if you require last minute additional cleaning?  If a facility requires a change of personnel, is that possible?  How do you initiate that change, and how quickly can new personnel be brought in?  What are the layers of backup and customer service available to the client?  Imagine what could go wrong, then ask the company’s representative how they would handle such an event. 


Ultimately, the best office cleaning companies blend into the background, consistently and reliably keeping a facility clean and presentable without burdening the client in terms of oversite.  Many smaller but important operational details go into achieving that aim. Understanding the component parts which results in an outstanding whole is critical for a buyer of janitorial services to arm themselves with.  

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Posted On November 28, 2022

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When Hiring an Office Cleaning Company, Ask These 3 Things
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