Why We Must Design More Inclusive Public Restrooms

Why We Must Design More Inclusive Public Restrooms

Did you know that almost one in three Americans face barriers to washing their hands in public restrooms because of factors like age, neurodiversity, skin sensitivities, or hygiene-related concerns?* Research also shows that more than 60% of people have a lesser opinion of businesses or venues at which hand hygiene facilities are challenging to use.** Facility managers and
maintenance operators know that’s something they cannot afford. Tork, the world’s No. 1 professional hygiene brand***, offers solutions that help businesses leverage hygiene to demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity while helping boost staff and guest satisfaction and overall business performance. Learn more about the Tork brand’s mission to create more inclusive restroom
designs and facilities at

*Survey among nationally representative group, barriers faced personally or in assisting others, 2024

**Market research survey conducted in North America and Europe with offices, 2022

***Based on 2023 global sales of Tork-branded products and services for professional use

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Why We Must Design More Inclusive Public Restrooms
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