Your Hard Floor Care and Janitorial Specialists

Your Hard Floor Care and Janitorial Specialists

Since ACS introduced the metal sponge in 1939, we have expanded into nonwoven hand pads, sponges, mops, brooms, brushes, and finally floor pads in the early 2000s. Now with the acquisitions
of ETC and Treleoni® in 2017, the floor pad offering with ACS today is second to none.

Floor Pads for Every Floor Care Job

Although most floor applications involved VCT in the past, today the market is quite different. We see floors of terrazzo, marble, concrete, and rubberized/synthetic surfaces, all of which
require different pads to match hardness and other special qualities.

In addition to our Commercial and Premium lines of conventional floor pads, we produce specialty pads to meet the demand of the growing market. We manufacture the largest line of diamond pads in the industry. Our UHS burnishing pad line features the original Gorilla® burnishing pad series from ETC, a varied offering of proprietary blended UHS pads and some unique pads like Heat, 2001 Laminated, Armadillo, and The Cure.

Most recently, ACS introduced the Turbostrip™ Segmented Rotary Pad for High Performance Floor Stripping. This product is patent-pending due to its 24 cutting edge design. This is the first
non-flat pad in over 50 years.

We also recently launched our Duala series of Clean and Shine Pads. After observing the market and listening to operators’ requests for a high-speed machine pad, we designed both a low-speed
and high-speed version to meet this need. The high-speed model uses the same laminated inner strata as our ETC 2001 pad for higher performance and longer pad life.


Both ACS and ETC have been producing mops for many years. We understand you cannot effectively put a floor pad down until you’ve wet-mopped or dust-mopped the floor. All these tools
are connected—that’s why we offer a full product line in the mop category.

The Great White Finish Mop is one of the best for laying floor finish with no imperfection. The mop construction, using specialty nylon filament
and state-of-the-art production, provides for smooth, level results.

Additionally, we recently introduced TrapMaster Disposable Dust Trapping Pads. This is the first disposable nonwoven pad with proprietary dust- and dirt-adhering agents that will outperform and outlast anything on the market today.

At ACS, we know cleaning—this is what we do. From UL®-certified green recycled PET materials to ISO-certified plants and processes, we are leading the way on many fronts in the cleaning products industry.

Gorilla® and Treleoni® are registered trademarks of ACS Industries, Inc. UL® is a registered trademark of UL, LLC.



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Your Hard Floor Care and Janitorial Specialists
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