Emer Duffy, Ph.D.

Emer Duffy, Ph.D.

Science Lead, Allergy Standards Ltd.

Emer Duffy, Ph.D., is Science Lead at Allergy Standards Ltd.(ASL) where she develops and maintains the certification standards behind the asthma & allergy friendly® program. Duffy holds a doctorate in analytical chemistry from the University of Tasmania and has published 20 peer-reviewed research articles in the areas of indoor air pollution, dermatology, and materials science. She has won several awards during her scientific career, including the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting Award and a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship.

Articles by Emer Duffy, Ph.D.

March 23, 2022 Emer Duffy, Ph.D.

Allergen Removal: A Critical Part of Carpet Care


Create a healthier indoor environment by learning about how to prevent pollutants in carpet from triggering allergies.