HCPA Floor Care Products Division

The Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) Floor Care Products Division represents the interests of companies that manufacture floor polishes and waxes, restorers, floor polish and wax removers, and raw materials such as waxes and acrylic emulsions. The division has served as the industry’s primary navigator in the sea of technical change to develop and upgrade test methods and standards that have improved safety, as well as allowing companies the ability to develop and assess new products, technologies, and maintenance technique changes.

Articles by HCPA Floor Care Products Division

Healthcare facility flooring
January 31, 2024 HCPA Floor Care Products Division

Floor Care in Healthcare Facilities

Hard Floors

A person’s first impression of cleanliness in a healthcare facility is typically based on the appearance of the floor. One element of a clean floor is effective cleaning and disinfecting regimens to support the infection prevention programs that healthcare facilities require.

Resilient Floors
August 2, 2023 HCPA Floor Care Products Division

Maintaining Your School’s Resilient Floors

Hard Floors

For many educational facilities, resilient floor maintenance is the largest single task. Because this work is so demanding, the custodial staff must use their time effectively. But with the right approach, facility managers can optimize floor maintenance, to keep costs down while your floors still look great.

Shiny floors
February 2, 2023 HCPA Floor Care Products Division

Focus on the Finish

Hard Floors

Your facility’s flooring is a reflection of your facility’s overall image. If your floors look dingy, worn-out, and stained, that can impact how people view your facility. But by focusing on the flooring’s finish, you can improve its appearance as well as its safety.