Jamal Malone

Jamal Malone

CEO, Ada S. McKinley Community Services

Jamal Malone is CEO of Ada S. McKinley Community Services, one of the largest social enterprises in the Midwest. By hiring and training people through McKinley’s Environmental Services program, the social enterprise contracts with government and military installations to clean more than 125 buildings throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Email Malone at [email protected] or visit

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ROI, return on investment
August 29, 2022 Jamal Malone

Boost Your Financial and Social ROI by Employing People with Disabilities

Facility Management

When done well, hiring people with disabilities has become a competitive advantage for many employers. You may find employees of diverse abilities working at hundreds of buildings around the country, including facilities operated by federal, state, and local governments, as well as military bases/compounds.