Patricia LaCroix

Patricia LaCroix

Associate Editor, CMM

Patricia LaCroix is the associate editor for CMM. She has a degree in communications with a concentration in journalism. Over the course of her four decades in publishing, Patricia has worn many hats, serving as writer, editor, and graphic designer for both print and online media. She can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Patricia LaCroix

Burst pipe
January 5, 2023 Patricia LaCroix

Preventing Burst Pipes in Your Facility

Facility Management

When a water pipe bursts in your facility, you have double trouble on your hands: the damage to the pipe itself and the damage caused by the water flowing from the broken pipe. Thankfully, burst pipes are preventable. Check out these simple, affordable steps that can help keep pipes from bursting in your facility.

Man on smartphone
November 28, 2022 Patricia LaCroix

Polish Your Online Presence

Business and Management

Websites are no longer an option for businesses; they’re a necessity. But simply creating a website does not guarantee that your business will get noticed. Take a broader view and consider the facets that make up your overall online presence.

Priya Pandya-Orozco and Gina Nissinoff at O'Connor Hospital
September 28, 2022 Patricia LaCroix

Working Hand in Hand to Combat COVID-19

Health and Safety

At O’Connor Hospital in Santa Clara County, California, two departments—Environmental Services (EVS) and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)—worked together and successfully bridged the gap between EVS staff knowledge and the information they needed to act appropriately against COVID-19.

hand hygiene, washing hands, handwashing
August 31, 2022 Patricia LaCroix

How Facility Managers Can Encourage Better Hand Hygiene

Infection Control

Facility managers can use the promotion of good hand hygiene to help reduce the occurrence of illnesses in the buildings they serve.