Healthcare Challenges for Aging HIV Population

Combination Vaccine Against Flu and COVID-19 on the Way

Positive results shown in late-stage trial for a combined flu-COVID-19 vaccine means a more convenient vaccine option for future flu seasons.

Cleaning Workers Input Sought on Emergency Preparedness

New Research Shows Cleaning Chemicals May Affect Brain Cells

WHO Outlines New Terms for Germs That Transmit Through the Air

The report is a significant development as it means different industries and professionals can now communicate with a common language.

How the CDC’s New Security Strategy Will Manage Emerging Health Threats

The U.S. plans to work together with the international community to achieve global health security.

CDC Quickens Ability to Respond to Health Threats

Report Shows Infection Prevention Slipping in UK

Influenza Season Persists Across the US

CDC reports elevated flu activity with regional increases hinting at a prolonged season.

Strategic Handwashing Ramps Up During Virus Outbreaks

Survey reveals Americans’ adaptive hygiene behaviors in response to health alerts.

Respiratory Illness Levels High to Very High Across US

Flu is rising and driving most of the current hospitalizations.

SC Johnson Professional Offers Tips for National Handwashing Awareness Week

Use the first week of December to promote healthy hand hygiene in your facility.