Tripledemic Numbers Climbing as Holidays Approach

U.S. hospitalizations due to flu are the highest seen in a decade.

Promoting Vaccination at Your Facility

While mandating vaccination can be a tricky proposal, encouraging it can be prudently proactive.

Student-Based Contact-Tracing Program Helps Prevent COVID-19

UIC campus-based model effectively augmented pandemic-response efforts.

Count Your Cleaning Business Blessings

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remember what went well in 2022.

6 Steps for Safe and Effective Disinfecting

When it comes to clean, looks aren’t everything.

UC Davis Custodial Teams Awarded for Pandemic Cleaning Services

Thermal Imaging Successfully Assesses Hand Hygiene Technique

Study foresees potential use of thermal cameras to monitor hand hygiene for health care.

Drying Hands Essential Part of Good Hand Hygiene

Monitoring Improves Hand Hygiene Compliance

Study reveals a 76% increase in hospital hand hygiene performance rates.

Half of Health Care Facilities Globally Lack Hygiene Basics

The new estimate reveals the worldwide risk of disease spread to patients and health care workers.

CT Hospital Cleaning Staff Not Feeling So Essential

At a Connecticut hospital, health care housekeepers are failing to feel adequately recognized for the work they do.

Nearly Three Years of COVID-19: What Was Learned?

According to Dr. Deborah Birx, M.D., asking questions is paramount in continuing to deal properly with the virus.