Environment and Sustainability

Howie Mandel Joins ISSA to Rethink What Clean Means

New survey uncovers America’s biggest cleanliness concerns (and where expert help is needed).

Determining if a Cleaning Product Is Green

The federal government’s guidelines for its own programs can work just as well for your facility.

UN Declares Clean Environments a Universal Human Right

Facility Cleaning with Drones

Going where men (and women) have gone before—but would rather not—cleaning drones are being used for all sorts of sky-high applications.

Tips for Cutting Plastic Waste

Use this month to devote more time and energy toward the reduction of plastic waste.

International Movement Seeks to Combat Plastic Pollution

Popular TikTok Cleaning Trend May Be Deadly

A TikTok trend known as "product overload" has more than 700 million views

Check Out Ecolab’s Healthy Buildings Guide

Ecolab Inc. has published its “Guide to Healthy Buildings.”

Pathogens Pose Risks in Waterways and Wastewater

Study finds viruses cling to plastic waste

Learn About ISSA’s New Sustainability Council

ISSA's new Sustainability Council allows ISSA to directly assist with standards development for sustainability

Green Seal Prohibits All PFAS in Cleaning and Personal Care Products

Green Seal’s new PFAS prohibition ensures certified cleaning and personal care product formulas will be PFAS-free

Public Schools Have Not Improved Indoor Air Quality Since Pandemic

CDC report finds fewer than 40% of schools have replaced or upgraded their HVAC systems