Environment and Sustainability

Wildfire Smoke Eroding Clean Air Progress

Smoke from wildfires across the United States and Canada has undone decades of improvement.

CloroxPro Offers Sustainability Suggestions

Using fewer cleaning products is one way that facilities can be more sustainable.

USGBC to Vote on New LEED Guidelines

IFMA Teams to Form Pact for Sustainable Facility Skills

Midwest Cities Rank the Worst in Air Quality Worldwide

Canadian wildfire air pollutants continue south, requiring health precautions for outdoor workers

Several States Seek to Ban Further Use of PFAS

Despite evidence of PFAS’ toxicity, chemical industry advocates claim the laws are going too far.

Sofidel Partners With Suzano to Protect the Amazon

Kimberly-Clark Announces 2023 Greenovation Award Winners

Washington D.C. Enacts Building Energy Performance Standard

Thousands of Companies to Be Affected by New EU Rules

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive will require companies to prove their sustainability claims.

Green Seal Releases 2023 Impact Report

Coastal Ecosystem Thriving on Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The coastal creatures are living and reproducing amongst 1.8 trillion pieces of ocean plastic.