Environment and Sustainability

2024 Hurricane Forecast Update Predicts More Storms

The latest Atlantic outlook increases count by two named storms and one hurricane for this record-breaking year.

Extreme Weather Hits U.S. Earlier

Beryl, extreme heat, and wildfires have millions in the U.S. under fire, heat, flood, tornado, and severe thunderstorm warnings.

EPA Report Shows How Climate Change Impacts Health

EPA Prepares Great Lakes Region for Summer Wildfire Smoke

Over One Trillion Gallons of Water Saved in 2023

WIPPES Act Passes U.S. House of Representatives

Legislation aims to address growing problems in sewer system clogs.

How to Watch for Heat-Related Emergencies

Recognizing the warning signs helps to prevent heat stroke and other heat-related emergencies.

EPA Targets Chemical Found in Cleaning Products

The proposal for toxic solvent n-methylpyrrolidone would ban certain uses and create concentration limits on products.

What States Have Experienced the Most Tornadoes This Year?

May 26 was the busiest severe weather day of the year so far, with NOAA recording 745 storms.

EPA Releases 2023 Pesticide Registration Improvement Act Annual Report

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Impacts U.S. for Second Consecutive Year

Winds carried plumes of smoke to northern states, triggering air quality alerts.

DOL Takes Steps Toward New Heat Safety Rules

The U.S. Department of Labor has moved toward publishing a proposed rule to reduce the significant health risks of heat exposure.