How the CDC’s New Security Strategy Will Manage Emerging Health Threats

The U.S. plans to work together with the international community to achieve global health security.

Washing Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Down the Drain Failed to Stop Spread in Hospitals

New study finds transmission risk of multidrug-resistant bacteria appeared highest in hospital sinks.

CDC Quickens Ability to Respond to Health Threats

Person in the U.S. Found to Have H1N1 Virus

The risk assessment for the United States remains low.

New Paint Technology Cleans Walls and Air

Titanium oxide nanoparticles in paint can help combat “sick building syndrome.”

Study Explores AI’s Role in Infection Prevention

AI tools such as ChatGPT could improve infection surveillance in healthcare facilities.

Study Reveals Germs Hiding in Backpacks

Backpacks can pick up hundreds of thousands of germs in a day.

Report Reveals Bacteria Lurking in Cinemas

U.K. movie theater seats and cup holders were tested.

EPA Revises List of Disinfectants for Combating Bloodborne Pathogens

The EPA’s newly released list combines product information from former disinfectant lists.

CDC Updates Antimicrobial Resistance Investment Map

The map provides transparency on the CDC’s funding to fight against antimicrobial infections.

Influenza Season Persists Across the US

CDC reports elevated flu activity with regional increases hinting at a prolonged season.

Strategic Handwashing Ramps Up During Virus Outbreaks

Survey reveals Americans’ adaptive hygiene behaviors in response to health alerts.