FDA Authorizes Use of Updated COVID-19 Vaccines

The updated vaccines are designed to protect the public from current variants.

CloroxPro Offers Back-to-School Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips

Mask Mandates Making a Comeback in Parts of US

As reported cases of COVID-19 rise, so are the organizations returning to masks.

Experts Anticipate ‘Closer to Normal’ RSV Season in US

This year, for the first time, vaccines for older adults and a preventative for infants are available.

The Reality of Mold Poisoning After a Hurricane

Deadly mold can be a very real consequence of hurricane flooding.

5 Things to Look for in a Hand Sanitizer

New Variant Tops the COVID-19 List

EG.5 is responsible for more than 17% of the new U.S. COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks.

Study Finds Dirty Wheelchairs a Significant Source of Skin Problems

Pressure ulcers, traumatic wounds, and fungal infections were some of the reported issues.

CDC Predicts a Late Summer Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Early indicators have been going up over the last several weeks.

Survey Finds Collaboration Key in Preventing HAIs

A quarter of those surveyed viewed HAI prevention as a significant financial issue.

Australia Experiencing Sharp Increase in Flu Cases

Australia’s flu season could predict what’s in store for the United States.

Survey Finds US Workers Still Uneasy About Workplace Germs