2021 CMM Hard Floor Care Webinar: Tales From The Trenches

Hard floor care strategies straight from the front line

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Learn how to turn your operational and management blunders into learning moments in this free educational webinar presented by Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine and ISSA. Hard floor care experts Stanley Hulin and Edward Hisey share memorable stories from decades of experience on the front lines of floor cleaning, maintenance, and restoration. See how they handled some interesting on-the-job scenarios, what they learned from their slip-ups, and how to avoid professional fails in your future!

You will learn tips for:

  • Process management: Scheduling and managing your hard floor care jobs
  • Quality assurance: How to make sure a job is being done correctly
  • Customer relations: What to say (and not say) to a customer in certain situations
  • Specialty jobs: How to break into new areas (luxury hotels, resorts)
  • Team building: How to create a skilled hard floor care crew of technicians.

Plus, in a Q&A, speakers answer pressing questions about hard floor care from the audience.

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Posted On June 16, 2021

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2021 CMM Hard Floor Care Webinar: Tales From The Trenches
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2021 CMM Hard Floor Care Webinar: Tales From The Trenches

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2021 CMM Hard Floor Care Webinar: Tales From The Trenches
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