Are You a Mindful Risk-Taker?


It’s a real balancing act to figure out what’s a distraction and what’s an opportunity, said Mary Miller, CEO of Jancoa Janitorial Services, during a panel discussion of building service contractors (BSCs) at the ISSA Show North America 2018. This was one of the most compelling pieces of advice panelists gave to attendees during an honest conversation about what works when it comes to managing client relationships, a tough labor market, and staying competitive.

With Miller’s advice in mind, it’s interesting to see that many BSCs are planning to grasp opportunity in the year ahead. According to CMM’s 2018 BSC/Contract Cleaning Benchmarking Survey, which is featured on page 18 of this issue, 83 percent of surveyed respondents are expecting their books to show increased revenues at the close of this year. Looking ahead, BSCs said their three biggest target markets for new opportunities will be commercial facilities (42 percent), followed by health care facilities (16 percent), and industrial facilities (13 percent).

Taking Caution

Of course, with every opportunity, there is always a risk. For example, take the risks associated with industrial facilities (one of the anticipated target markets in the upcoming year), such as manufacturing plants and warehouses. These types of facilities may house dangerous chemicals, machinery, and other hazards associated with trip-and-fall incidences. As a contractor—or really any type of facility service provider—it’s important to approach these facilities knowing your staff will require proper training, guidelines, and protective gear. Our article article on page 22 will set you up for success in this area. Additionally, our article on page 26 will make sure any organization is aware of the new safety standards associated with particular types of autonomous equipment out there in the marketplace.

Keeping in Balance

Other than safety hazards, there are always risk factors associated with expanding a business, such as the investment of money, time, or other resources. But if you listen to the advice of this year’s ISSA Show panelists, just remember the following: Remain focused, and make sure not to spread yourself too thin. With this balance in mind, the risks can translate into substantial rewards.


Posted On December 18, 2018

Kelly Zimmerman

Managing Editor, CMM

Kelly Zimmerman is the former managing editor of Cleaning & Maintenance Management. She has experience managing industry-specific content for print and digital formats. She holds a master of science in journalism from Northwestern University. Kelly can be reached at [email protected].


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Are You a Mindful Risk-Taker?
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