Autonomous Floor Cleaning Starting at $15 a Day

Autonomous Floor Cleaning Starting at $15 a Day

Meet Cobi 18, the first compact, autonomous floor scrubber designed by cleaning professionals for cleaning professionals.

Cobi 18 is:

  • Affordable: Available starting at just $15 a day through ICE Cobotics’ All-Inclusive Subscription.
  • Reliable: Cobi’s subscription includes fleet management, data analytics, a virtual resource center, customer support, repairs and replacement parts, and consumables.
  • Easy: The intuitive UI (user interface) and design makes Cobi easy to operate and easy to maintain for anyone on your team.
  • High Performing: Cobi delivers high-performance scrubbing and excels at cleaning all types of hard floors.
  • Sophisticated: Due to advanced navigation technology and its compact design, Cobi can fit down tight aisles, under tables and displays, and can navigate around glass, mirrors, and through bright sunlight.

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Autonomous Floor Cleaning Starting at $15 a Day
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