Benefits of Management Software for Your Business

Benefits of Management Software for Your Business


Property Works, a South Florida property management company, faced the same everyday challenge as many in the commercial cleaning industry. How could the company grow quickly, but also stay in control?

New acquisitions, new offerings from their business, and a rapid increase in the workforce meant Property Works needed to scale every facet of the operation quickly. But without the proper infrastructure in place, they struggled to keep up with their own growth.

The founders of Property Works, brothers Antonio and Jason Batallan, realized they needed to build an efficient system for rapidly acquiring smaller commercial cleaning businesses.

Today, Property Works is doing just that, through business management software.

“I put it on myself to find what larger organizations did,” Property Works CEO Antonio Batallan said. “That’s when I found out about the need for a business management software.”

Adding an effective, efficient, all-in-one business management tool gave Property Works the infrastructure it needed to grow.

The platform enabled the following:

  • The establishment and enforcement of scalable and repeatable workflow
  • A framework for maintaining quality, consistency, and efficiency
  • A faster, easier path for new acquisitions, from the office to the field.

“Now, we have a platform to bring on new account managers and show them this is how we operate in this space,” Jason Batallan said. “[The software] allowed us to standardize
[everything]—our bidding process, pricing, and the way our account managers interact with our customers.”

Property Works’ management software benefited them in various aspects:

  • Automated repeatable tasks
  • A one-stop destination for data
  • Streamlined processes and connected follow-up tasks
  • More accessible communication and collaboration
  • Managers enabled to focus on the skills they were hired for rather than assembly-line style responsibilities
  • All of that sparked change for both Property Works as a business and the people who work there.

“I’m a big believer in people,” Antonio Ballatan said. “I like to see people evolve. We’ve got people here that started as cleaners, that are now supervisors. That’s rewarding to me. That’s where management technology comes in.”

That’s the goal of business management software: To allow a business to scale, be ready for any growth opportunity, and to be a tool for advancing the business and its people.

Hear more about Property Works’ journey by getting the full inside look with our customer ebook.


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Benefits of Management Software for Your Business
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