Ecolab Simplifies Infection Prevention

Ecolab Simplifies Infection Prevention

Ecolab, a global leader in hygiene and infection prevention, provides science-backed products, resources, and protocols to keep schools, workplaces, and public spaces healthy.

Our offerings include:
• EPA-registered products: Proven effective against the common cold, influenza, COVID-19, RSV, and norovirus
• Products designed for optimal efficiency: Multi-use and multi-surface products simplify the user experience, improve compliance, and reduce labor needs
• Expert resources: Educational materials, training, and guides on virus prevention
• Nexa™ hand hygiene system: Touch-free dispensers and scientifically formulated hand soaps and sanitizers
• Market-leading research: Driven by innovation, backed by scientific research, and supported by world-class service.

Ecolab’s solutions are designed to help you reduce absenteeism as well as protect employees and customers.

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Ecolab Simplifies Infection Prevention
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