Papernet Powered by Bio Tech: The Future of Hygiene

Papernet Powered by Bio Tech: The Future of Hygiene


Picture toilet paper that goes beyond the basics. Papernet powered by Bio Tech isn’t your ordinary restroom companion; this brand is a game-changer in cleanliness and sustainability.
The revolutionary Bio Tech toilet paper activates organic matter-eating enzymes to tackle plumbing issues and reduce maintenance costs.

When this toilet paper touches water, beneficial microorganisms activate. These microorganisms produce enzymes that work tirelessly to clean organic residue
in your plumbing. Think of them as tiny superheroes, attacking build-up in a more sustainable way. They also keep harmful microorganisms in check by multiplying. The best part? After their mission is complete, they biodegrade, leaving a spotless, ecofriendly footprint. The toilet paper is dermatologically tested and safe for all ages.

Bio Tech in Action

The Roberto Clemente Charter School in Allentown, Penn., faced toilet paper consumption and clogging problems. Students used excessive amounts, leading to recurring plumbing issues that the school’s plumber and custodian struggled to resolve. The frequent use of a plunger snake worsened the situation, causing damage.

Enter Jerry, the facility manager of the school, with a solution: Bio Tech! Using just one case made a significant difference. On average, users can see results in four weeks. By using Bio Tech, unclogging toilets required minimal effort, often just a small plunger, eliminating the need for external plumbing services. Students loved Bio Tech for its softness and custodians praised the time savings.

Before Bio Tech, the school used regular two-ply toilet paper, contributing to clogs.

Make the Swap to Bio Tech Today

Bio Tech is a beacon of innovation in hygiene. Its microbial power alleviates plumbing woes and champions environmental responsibility. As we bid farewell to costly maintenance and embrace this revolutionary toilet paper, we see that microorganisms hold the key to a cleaner world. Dermatologically tested and endorsed by Roberto Clemente Charter School, Bio Tech sets a new gold standard in hygiene products. The future of hygiene is here—eco-friendly, efficient and incredibly promising.

Stop by Booth 1813 at the ISSA Show to see how Bio Tech can help your facility overcome clogging!


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Papernet Powered by Bio Tech: The Future of Hygiene
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