Say Goodbye to Restroom Floor Duty!

Say Goodbye to Restroom Floor Duty!

Experience the future of restroom hygiene with TOPFILL™ No Touch Counter Mount Dispensers. This innovative system refills from above the counter, eliminating the need for cleaning/maintenance staff to crawl on unhygienic floors or remove heavy ADA panels to refill.

TOPFILL refill bags lock into the patented above-counter dock, where soap flows into the reservoir automatically, then stops when full. The bag immediately reseals to keep water and air out, preventing cross contamination. Refill bags can be conveniently stored for future use. Unlike cartridge systems, TOPFILL bags fully evacuate so every drop of soap is used without waste.

Choose from three Ecologo®-certified LUX hand wash refills for an elevated user experience.

Save time, cut labor costs, and reduce product waste with TOPFILL!


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Say Goodbye to Restroom Floor Duty!
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