Strategic Planning: How to Leverage Effective Systems, Processes, & Procedures for Long-Term Growth

While strategic planning might seem daunting at first, approaching it in bite-sized pieces can make it easier to attain.

Strategic planning can be a very broad endeavor, making it hard to know where to start. But if you can get past the initial overwhelm, you can use strategic planning to create a business that can work systematically and independently.

In this episode of Straight Talk!, ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross talks to Dean Mercado, CEO at Online Marketing Muscle, a digital marketing coaching company, about drilling strategic planning down into three areas—systems, processes, and procedures.

In the interview, Mercado explains each of the three areas, how they get implemented to achieve a specific goal, and why these three elements are so important within your strategic plan. He explains that business managers need to get out of their “own way” long enough to work toward a system where they can avoid having to do everything themselves. He suggests that doing so not only can create better ways of getting things done, but it can also even create more profits for their company.

“We know profit margins are typically pretty slim,” he says. “We’re always having to price at a certain level that is competitive—and sometimes that doesn’t give us enough to work with. So, the better our systems, the better our processes, the better our procedures, the more likely we’re going to see that profitability in the business.”

To learn more about creating a strategic plan for your business and tap into the success that better systems, processes, and procedures can produce, watch the video or listen to the podcast for this episode below.


Posted On March 23, 2023

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Strategic Planning: How to Leverage Effective Systems, Processes, & Procedures for Long-Term Growth
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