Your Complete Health & Safety Management Hub

Your Complete Health & Safety Management Hub


In the fast-paced world of facility management, where precision, efficiency, and compliance are paramount, Optisolve® emerges as a game-changer. With its advanced Quality Management System (QMS), Optisolve® empowers facility teams to navigate the complexities of health and safety management seamlessly. At its core, Optisolve® stands out as the perfect solution, offering not one but two powerful products— SAVI® and Pathfinder™.

SAVI®: The Health & Safety Management Powerhouse

SAVI®, Optisolve’s flagship software, is revolutionizing the way facility managers approach health and safety management. It’s more than just software; it’s your complete health and safety management hub. Its key features include:

  • Data Collection: Efficiently gather and analyze assessment data
  • Instant Scoring: Real-time scores with supporting images
  • Live Dashboards: Real-time KPI monitoring for swift insights
  • Enhanced Reporting: Detailed reports to drive improvements
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meet national and international standards.

SAVI® eliminates outdated paper checklists, streamlining processes with real-time data and comprehensive reporting. It specializes in assessments like Health and Safety, Indoor Air Quality, Fire Safety, Facility Cleanliness, and Accessibility. By focusing on precision and compliance, SAVI® offers facility managers peace of mind, knowing they’re meeting the highest standards while optimizing labor, time, and materials.

But Optisolve® doesn’t stop there. The integration of SAVI with its cutting-edge surface imaging tool, Pathfinder™, creates an unbeatable duo for facility management.

Pathfinder™: Precision Surface Imaging

With precision detection capabilities, Pathfinder™ identifies even the tiniest traces of contaminants lurking on surfaces. This empowers facility managers to tailor their cleaning approach for maximum effectiveness. No more guesswork, just spot-on results. This leads to improved sanitation, saving time and resources.

Why Optisolve®?

Optisolve® offers a comprehensive approach to facility management through SAVI® and Pathfinder™, ensuring unmatched efficiency and compliance. By choosing Optisolve®, facilities can transition from manual, errorprone processes to a streamlined, effective system.

Experience unparalleled facility management with Optisolve®.


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Your Complete Health & Safety Management Hub
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