Emily Newton

Emily Newton

Emily Newton is an industrial journalist. As Editor-in-Chief of Revolutionized, she regularly covers stories in construction and facilities management.

Articles by Emily Newton

fire safety, fire prevention
April 17, 2023 Emily Newton

Take an Active and Passive Approach to Fire Protection

Health and Safety

Both active fire protection systems, which detect and respond to flames, and passive systems, which protect buildings against damage, are essential for a complete fire safety strategy.

facility maintenance, facility management
November 14, 2022 Emily Newton

Improve Hard Facility Management Services Through Software Technology

Technology and Trends

Managers can use software technology to improve hard facility management services, enhancing the quality of life for building occupants.

checklist, facility manger
August 15, 2022 Emily Newton

Updating Your Facility Management Strategy

Facility Management

Creating strategic change takes time, discipline, and patience. Leaders seeking to launch an upgraded facility management strategy must do so in an organized manner.

Digital Trends in Facility Management
March 9, 2022 Emily Newton

4 Top Digital Trends Changing Facility Management

Facility Management

A look at four types of technology that are helping facility managers solve significant challenges and meet specific goals.