Cleaning Technology Trends Roundup

A look at the emerging cleaning technologies BSCs plan to adopt in the next 12 months

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Robotic Cleaning Machines
Dan McSweeney

5 Questions to Ask When Considering Robotic Cleaning Machines

Technology and Trends

Autonomous cleaning machines are maximizing productivity, increasing reliability, and elevating janitorial employees’ skills.

Sustainable Flooring
Kirk Roberts

When Planning for Sustainability, Remember the Flooring

Hard Floors

Three ways facility managers can protect the environment by renovating rather than replacing floors

ISSA Show North America 2021 show floor
CMM Staff

Snapshots From ISSA Show North America 2021


More than 10,000 cleaning industry professionals from all 50 states gathered safely for the first time in two years at ISSA Show North America 2021 in Las Vegas, November 15-18. 

Cleaning Technology Trends, Emerging Cleaning Technologies
Amy W. Richardson

Cleaning Technology Trends Roundup

Technology and Trends

CMM's annual benchmarking survey of building service contractors (BSCs) asked which emerging cleaning technologies BSCs plan to adopt in the next 12 months. Here is a roundup of the top five.



puzzle pieces
Tim Poskin

Workloading Wisdom


Unique perspectives from cleaning industry experts outline the importance, common mistakes, and even fun of the workloading process.

Complete Your Floor Maintenance Program  With Extraction
Andy Bayler & Bill Luallen

Complete Your Floor Maintenance Program With Extraction


A deep cleaning process such as water rinse extraction can be part of an interim maintenance system that prolongs the life of carpeting.

EVS, environmental services staff, hospital workers, hospital housekeepers
Kathleen Misovic

Common PPE Mistakes in Health Care Environments

Health and Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can help prevent environmental services (EVS) staff from contracting infectious diseases. But PPE only works well if staff choose the correct equipment and wear it properly.



sustainability, environmental, carbon footprint
Stephen P. Ashkin

Companies Are Responding to Climate Change: What About Yours?

Business and Management

As businesses around the world take notice of their carbon footprint, sustainability has quickly become an important investment and commitment focus for companies across all industries, including the cleaning industry.


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Nyco Disinfectant Cleaner
Sponsored by Nyco

A Safer, Greener, Better Way to Disinfect: New HPX Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant Cleaner

New Nyco HPX is a ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner formulated with safer hydrogen peroxide technology.

Monarch SmartPads
Sponsored by Monarch Brands

SmartPads Microfiber Mop Dispenser Box


SmartPads’ woven microfiber polyester construction picks up more dirt than non-woven disposable pads.

AquaChem Pacs
Sponsored by AquaChem Pacs

Easy on your Budget, Easy on the Planet

Try 100% dissolvable liquid cleaning pacs by Aqua ChemPacs.

Cyan Labs
Sponsored by Cyan Labs

Skin Care Programs Beyond Purpose


Cyan Labs is completely focused as an exclusive designer and manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance chemical specialties for industries and institutions, personal hygiene and personal care products.

EcoClear products
Sponsored by EcoClear Products

Effective Products Safe For People, Pets, and Wildlife


EcoClear Products is dedicated to producing effective hospitality and healthcare products that deliver enhanced cleaning and odor-neutralizing solutions.

Malish Flex Scrub
Sponsored by The Malish Corp.

Flex Scrub™ — The Ultimate Bristled Floor Pad


Flex Scrub™ digs deeply to lift dirt from highs-lows and textures, outlasting traditional floor pads up to 50-to-1.

Sponsored by Kärcher

Meet CV60/1—The First Professional Autonomous Vacuum


Kärcher’s KIRA CV 60/1 autonomous vacuum helps you clean smarter than ever before. 

Spartan foamy iQ
Sponsored by Spartan Chemical Company

Never Deal With a Hand Hygiene Dispenser Complaint Again!


With foamyiQTM there are no costly dispensers to install, maintain or repair. And no refilling is necessary.

Sponsored by OptiSolve

OptiSolve® SAVI Quality Management System


OptiSolve® SAVI is the quality improvement tool you need to validate your cleaning and disinfection program to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe environment. 

WizKid Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen
Sponsored by WizKid Products

What Is Missing From this Urinal Screen?


The Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen changed the urinal screen game when it became the only vertical urinal screen on the market with its ability to stop splash where guys actually aim.

Resolute Tissue Revo
Sponsored by Resolute Tissue

Reimagine the Restroom with Revo™ Towel and Tissue Dispensers


With cost-efficient and reliable performance, Revo’s next-generation towel and tissue dispenser system brings peace of mind and a competitive advantage to any facility.