Combination Vaccine Against Flu and COVID-19 on the Way

Positive results shown in late-stage trial for a combined flu-COVID-19 vaccine means a more convenient vaccine option for future flu seasons.

National Safety Month Heightens Awareness About Workplace Safety

Help reduce workplace casualties with 10 tips to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Over Half of Employees Globally Want to Leave Their Job

Survey finds 53% of workers worldwide want to quit and move on—many for better pay.

Hawaii Wildfires Reveal Another Deadly Aspect of Hurricanes

When preparing for hurricanes, don’t overlook the possibility of fire damage.

NC School District Faces $700K in Mold Cleanup Costs

The severe infestation threatens to force 500 students from their school building this fall.

Report Reveals Less Support of Workers Equals Productivity Decline

Gallup reports on employees feeling cared about by their bosses since the pandemic.

Stay Safe Amid Another Heatwave

Record-setting temperatures push need for heat-illness precautions for second consecutive summer.

Updated Infection Prevention Recommendations Focus on Sanitation

New guidance focuses on increase of MRSA infections during pandemic

Midwest Cities Rank the Worst in Air Quality Worldwide

Canadian wildfire air pollutants continue south, requiring health precautions for outdoor workers