Indoor Air Quality

DOL Cites Facility for Unsafe Air Quality

Georgia battery manufacturer faces $160K in penalties.

Wildfire Smoke Eroding Clean Air Progress

Smoke from wildfires across the United States and Canada has undone decades of improvement.

Study Finds Less VOCs in ‘Green,’ Fragrance-Free Cleaning Products

VOCs have been associated with respiratory problems, cancer, and other health issues.

Survey Gathers US and Canadian Workers’ Opinions on Workplace IAQ

Only 29% of participants described their workplace air as “very clean.”

Florida Officials Warn of Generator Dangers

Hurricane Idalia serves as a reminder to use generators safely during storm outages.

Keeping Indoor Air Good When Outdoor Air Is Bad

Check out these tips on preserving good IAQ despite an air crisis outside.

The Reality of Mold Poisoning After a Hurricane

Deadly mold can be a very real consequence of hurricane flooding.

8 Things You Should Know About IAQ

NYC Considers IAQ Regulations

Smoke from Canadian wildfires has made adoption of the legislation more urgent.

Midwest Cities Rank the Worst in Air Quality Worldwide

Canadian wildfire air pollutants continue south, requiring health precautions for outdoor workers

CDC Specifies New Air Ventilation Guidelines for COVID-19

The agency now recommends how often air should be changed and which filter should be used.

Bakersfield Named Worst Air Polluted Place in US