WIPPES Act Passes U.S. House of Representatives

Legislation aims to address growing problems in sewer system clogs.

Texas Challenges New Overtime Rule

Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Makes List of Jobs Dangerous to Teens

Resources to Ensure Fair Pay For Disaster Recovery Work

Recovery employers should be prepared to avoid wage violations before severe weather and disasters strike.

IICRC Releases Revised Mold Remediation Standard

Hazard Communication Standard Update Improves Chemical Labelling

The DOL enhanced the quality of information on labels and safety data sheets for cleaning chemicals.

EPA Releases 2023 Pesticide Registration Improvement Act Annual Report

APIC Calls for Overhaul of Medical Instruments Cleaning Instructions

EPA Finalizes Stronger Restrictions on Highly Toxic Chemical

New ruling prohibits most uses of methylene chloride within two years.

CDC Debuts New Heat and Health Initiative to Protect Americans

Department of Labor Finalizes Overtime Rule

DOL has issued a final rule that alters overtime regulations.

WHO Outlines New Terms for Germs That Transmit Through the Air

The report is a significant development as it means different industries and professionals can now communicate with a common language.