A Mild Foam Hand Soap With Added Moisturizers

A Mild Foam Hand Soap With Added Moisturizers

Over 20 years ago, SC Johnson Professional improved the way people wash their hands, producing a soap formulation and dispensing technology to deliver foam soap in public settings.  

Foam soap is less likely to drip from hands when being dispensed than lotion soap, reducing drippage onto countertops.  Additionally, foam soap saves up to 45% on water consumption during handwashing compared to lotion soaps.  

Pair Refresh™ Foam soap with our QuickView™ dispensers—which are 1-liter closed, sealed cartridge dispensers featuring transparent sides—allow soap level visibility from any angle or distance.

Learn more about Quickview™ dispensers & Refresh™ Foam Soaps today!



Posted On February 1, 2023

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A Mild Foam Hand Soap With Added Moisturizers
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