Bona Commercial System® Resilient Floor Solution

Bona Commercial System® Resilient Floor Solution

Rethink, Renew, Upgrade

Resilient flooring has a variety of labels, including hard-wearing, durable, long-lasting, tough, and hardy. Resilient flooring types can include vinyl composition tile (VCT), sheet vinyl, luxury
vinyl tile (LVT), linoleum, and rubber. This robust flooring has been the go-to choice for professionals who oversee flooring in areas with heavy foot traffic and general use.

After a time, resilient flooring begins to show signs of wear and tear, and can even become hazardous for those who walk on it. At this point, the tendency has been to tear it out and replace
it. However, there is a renewal option that offers a durable floor that’s much easier on the budget.

Problem: With healthcare facilities taking extra precautions, floors are wearing significantly faster with intensive cleaning protocols. Also, with facilities using more hand sanitizer and
disinfectants than ever before, these chemicals are ruining the polished and factory-finished resilient floors. The Bona Resilient System is resistant to all sanitizers as well as most chemicals and therefore does not require the costly maintenance of stripping and polishing to maintain its beauty and durability. A Bona Commercial System® Resilient System floor renewal offers significant cost savings and reduced downtime compared to a floor replacement. 

Solution: The Bona Commercial System Resilient Floor Solution product line is the perfect solution to either revamp the facilities’ current floor or provide additional protection from chemicals. EVS teams will be able to focus on other tasks since they will never need to burnish or strip the floor again!

The Benefits

  • Cost Savings: Exponential savings compared to floor replacement
  • Less Downtime: Get back in your facility over 50% faster than with a floor replacement
  • Durability: Protect resilient floors from harsh chemicals
  • Sustainable: Keep old, worn resilient flooring out of landfills
  • The Renewal: By using the Bona Commercial System Resilient Floor Solution, you will achieve significant savings for the facility versus tearing out and replacing an old, worn floor. A color and clear coat system for VCT, LVT, VAT, linoleum, sheet vinyl, and rubber floors provides dramatic makeovers and color changes that can be done easily and quickly with outstanding results.


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Bona Commercial System® Resilient Floor Solution
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