CMM Restroom Care Webinar: Cleaning in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond

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This Cleaning and Maintenance Management (CMM) educational webinar, sponsored by Kaivac, Coastwide Professional, and Tork will teach you best practices for restroom care in the age of COVID-19. Improve your cleaning results by following new regulatory guidelines and avoid common mistakes that may be short-circuiting your cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

Gain practical tips on how to rethink your restroom for today’s needs and beyond from cleaning industry veterans, Gary Clipperton, founder and president of National Pro Clean Corp. and founder of Pro Clean College, and Joel Craddock, president of Doc’s Facilities Solutions and master trainer for ISSA CMI certification programs 

Highlight! The experts answer audience questions in a Q&A in the second half of the program.

What you will learn:
• How to conform to U.S. CDC and OSHA guidelines for coronavirus cleaning and prevention
• Common mistakes that short-circuit your cleaning and disinfecting best efforts and how to avoid them
• How toilet plume and restroom equipment contribute to the spread of pathogens
• Overlooked areas of your restroom (sanitary disposal units, changing tables, door latches) and how to properly clean them
• Ideas for pandemic-proofing your restroom for today and the future with new design and technology.

Sponsored by: 
Kaivac Cleaning Systems Tork

Posted On October 22, 2020

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CMM Restroom Care Webinar: Cleaning in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond
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