Crystal Quick Restore CQR: Revolutionizing Restorative Cleaning

R.E. Whittaker Co.

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Whittaker: CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE CQR: Revolutionizing Restorative Cleaning

The Whittaker Company innovated low-moisture encapsulation cleaning over 25 years ago. Today they still continue to innovate with CRYSTAL®QUICK RESTORE.

CQR’s formula combines the encapsulating benefits of CRYSTAL DRY®EXTRA with the power of stabilized hydrogen peroxide to break up and remove tough organic spots from carpeting. CQR provides 60% better carpet appearance and is ideal for high traffic areas. Through low-moisture encapsulation, CQR cuts dry time down to only 30 minutes. Save time and money as you take pride in your carpet’s appearance with CQR.





Posted On November 20, 2015

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Crystal Quick Restore CQR: Revolutionizing Restorative Cleaning
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