Dispensing Systems for the Facilities of Tomorrow

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Today’s facility managers face an increasing number of challenges, such as maintaining quality control, training and attracting staff, and managing resources to reduce over- and under-cleaning. On top of that, facility managers must also stay profitable, while delivering on the expectations of both tenants and guests, who now desire sustainably sourced products and services.  

Keeping up with these challenges, along with other trends that impact the cleaning industry, can be difficult. Facility managers are under pressure to handle unpredictable changes in usage, address problems before they arise, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

So how can facility managers continue to think ahead and deliver high-quality cleaning and superior experiences for their customers now and into the future? By ensuring the dispensing systems they choose meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s buildings.  

Embrace technology

Technology has disrupted every industry, and the cleaning sector is no different. Many dispensing systems on the market feature innovative technology solutions that improve quality and efficiency, as well as play a critical role in improving cleaning staff and guest experiences. Continuous towel technology, for instance, connects the top and bottom of compressed towel bundles so towels can dispense continuously, serving more people without jamming or tabbing. By serving up to 600 more guests between refills, this technology gives cleaners more time to focus on important cleaning tasks.

There are also dispensing systems that are compatible with cleaning software solutions that leverage sensor technology to deliver data-driven cleaning. Data-driven cleaning provides staff with real-time, actionable information about cleaning needs. By knowing exactly what’s needed, where and when, facility managers can be more proactive in solving problems before they arise and accurately pinpoint specific areas of improvement.

Make a strong impression

It takes a lot to win over today’s consumers, who are quick to scrutinize businesses at the click of a tweet or snap of a photo. Needless to say, news of a single mistake or a restroom that is not up to standard can travel quickly, and the impact can be long-lasting and difficult to recover from. That’s why it’s more important than ever to invest in dispensing systems that are attractive, high-quality, and high-performing. A sleek and modern design can also go a long way when it comes to striking a good first impression with employees and visitors.

Once a facility has made its mark, it is important to retain a lasting impression. Facility managers can maintain a positive image by not only making sure their products and solutions meet user expectations, but also by prioritizing cleaning tasks, and displaying signage that promotes hygiene and wellbeing—which are essential for a productive, energized, and engaged workforce. Providing a holistic experience is what will keep employees motivated and guests satisfied time and time again.

Integrate hygiene and sustainability at the core

Hygiene and sustainability must be at the core of this holistic experience. Many of today’s dispensing systems offer touch-free options, which allow guests and employees to only touch the towel they take, thereby reducing towel waste and eliminating cross contamination. One-at-a-time dispensing also helps keep restrooms tidy at all times, especially when there are large crowds coming in and out of the restroom.

Dispenser placement also plays a critical role in improving hand hygiene in the restroom. A report published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association showed that optimizing dispenser placement can increase usage by more than 50%. In fact, increasing the number of dispensers actually has less of an impact than keeping the same number of dispensers, but making them more visible. Installing dispensers near the sink and at the entrance of rooms will help visitors follow proper hand hygiene, which contributes to their overall wellbeing.

The nature of today’s workplaces is constantly changing and will continue to evolve over the next decade. By ensuring that your equipment delivers on innovation, quality, and sustainability, you will be well prepared for the future.

Posted On February 10, 2020

Raquel Carbonari

Tork North America brand activation manager at Essity

Raquel Carbonari is the Tork North America brand activation manager at Essity, a global hygiene and health company. Carbonari has been with Essity for more than a decade and currently leads marketing and communications programs for Tork, an Essity brand and the leading global Professional Hygiene brand.   

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Dispensing Systems for the Facilities of Tomorrow
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