Extend the Benefits of ProTeam® Backpack Vacuums to Hard Flooring


When using a dust mop or broom, you can see it. Clouds of dust billow up while you clean. Once in the air, the dust particles can stay airborne for hours, long enough to settle back onto the flooring after the cleaner leaves the room, creating a dirty floor once again. For more effective results, cleaners need a tool that captures dust and soil directly off surfaces, rather than pushing them into a pile and into the air.

That tool has been around for decades; the lightweight backpack vacuum. ProTeam® introduced the original lightweight backpack vacuum when it was a small upstart company in 1987. Today, they continue to improve upon their design. A ProTeam backpack vacuum cleans 52% faster than a dust mop and keeps dust bunnies away for 72 hours, as opposed to 24 hours after dust mopping.

East Greenwich Public Schools

Eight years ago an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) technician inspected the four elementary schools, middle school, and high school that comprise East Greenwich Public Schools in Rhode Island. The IAQ technician made a recommendation based on her findings: Switch to ProTeam® vacuum cleaners to reduce allergens and asthma triggers and create a healthier and safer learning environment.

The school district made the switch. They now use ProTeam backpack vacuums, the Super CoachVac® HEPA and the Super Coach Pro® 10 for hard flooring. Previously, staff cleaned hard flooring with oiled dust mops. They would push the debris from hallway and classroom floors together in piles to dispose of it. The dust mops also pushed debris into corners and crevices, creating a grimy buildup over time.

“Now we use a combination of ProTeam backpack vacuums and microfiber damp mops,” said Bob Wilmarth, Director of Facilities and 10-year veteran of the school district. “There is a dramatic difference in cleanliness over the oiled dust mops. The buildup isn’t there in the corners, and we can go longer between floor stripping.”

H2Only Renewable Cleaning

Ruben Rives is the owner and founder of H2Only Renewable Cleaning, a contract cleaning company dedicated to using only safe, effective, and sustainable methods. He has pioneered a toxic-free approach to cleaning in an effort to create a healthier indoor environment including vacuuming hard floors with a ProTeam backpack vacuum. Previously when his staff swept hard floors, he noticed they were doing more harm than good.

“If you use a broom, you’re not really picking up anything. You are just sweeping it into the air, and it’s going to settle later,” said Rives. “With the backpack, you pick up more dirt and dust faster. It’s very important that you pick up more dust because of allergies.”

ProTeam backpacks capture and contain dust in four levels of filters. Each filter captures different sized particles of pollen, bacteria, and other impurities. The end result is a cleaner, healthier facility.

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Posted On April 21, 2016
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Extend the Benefits of ProTeam® Backpack Vacuums to Hard Flooring
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