How to Choose the Right Gloss Level for Your Facility

Achieve and maintain polishing perfection, your way

How to Choose the Right Gloss Level for Your Facility

With the right care and maintenance, it is possible to dramatically change the look of your polished concrete and natural stone floors. The Black Diamond Cleaning and Polishing System works with basic floor cleaning equipment to achieve the gloss level that sets the right expectations for your facility. Whether stock room or show room, here are a few simple questions to help you select the right gloss level.

What is the condition of the floor?

Gloss is created by installing a scratch pattern in the floor. Scratches of the same depth and width yield a reflective appearance. Greater variance in the scratches produces a more satin look. Black Diamond floor pads work by mechanically abrading the surface to remove flaws, then systematically refining the scratch pattern to render the desired appearance.

Assessing the starting condition of the floor helps determine what end-results are attainable. While the Black Diamond Cleaning and Polishing System can restore worn concrete and remove unwanted scratches, stains, and etching, it cannot repair significant damage to the substrate.

What purpose does the facility serve?

To find your target gloss level, consider what perception you want to convey. Is the priority on form or function? Will a matte sheen suffice, or does the environment require a high-gloss appearance?

For example, in a warehouse, forklift traffic would make high gloss polishing expensive and impractical to maintain. For a banquet hall, on the other hand, the beautiful setting itself is the product, and a wet-look polish is well worth the effort required. Meanwhile, retail spaces may need only a clean, bright luster that encourages shoppers to linger.

How much maintenance will you do?

It’s no secret that labor expense accounts for the greatest part of a typical facility maintenance budget. Since each step in the Black Diamond Cleaning and Polishing System takes roughly the same amount of time, it’s necessary to consider gloss increase alongside the cost involved to achieve and maintain it.

In some facilities, the Black Diamond 400 pad is all that is necessary to bring the concrete to a plain, zero-gloss state. However, this rougher surface will also get dirtier faster.

After working through the 400, 800, and 1500 grit level steps, the Black Diamond 3000 pad will deliver an impressive end-result with the investment of an additional 25% time and labor. Floors at higher gloss levels are also easier to clean.

The decision is yours

In the end, the right gloss level is a matter of preference. That is why the Black Diamond Cleaning and Polishing System is designed to be a customizable floor care process. Americo’s experts are happy to answer your questions and help you achieve Polishing Perfection. Schedule a demonstration today.


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How to Choose the Right Gloss Level for Your Facility
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