Increasing Brand Awareness With In-house Label Printing

From private labeling to complying with chemical safety regulations, the ability to print custom labels on demand can save time, money and frustration.

Just like businesses in virtually every sector, cleaning and maintenance providers are looking for new ways to save money and stretch tight budgets even further.

Some have joined the private label trend, using cleaning products that are manufactured by a third-party and marketed under their own brand.

Others are making cleaning supplies last longer by purchasing solutions in bulk or concentrated form, rebottling the products and applying custom labels.

Private label production is a great way to cultivate brand loyalty, and bulk and concentrate purchases are an excellent method companies can use to ensure their supplies last longer.

But, in both cases, it’s important for an operation to make sure their supplies are properly labeled.

In an industry in which harsh solvents and other potentially toxic chemicals are commonly used, you can improve the safety of your workers and customers or building occupants by applying accurate labels to bottled products.

Labeling For Concentrates

Service companies that rebottle concentrated cleaners and solvents for use at each client’s site are under increasing pressure to make sure the bottles are labeled properly.

For larger operations, these requirements can quickly outstrip the capabilities of in-house printers designed for general office use, particularly considering the need to print labels with inks and materials capable of withstanding heavy use and spilled chemicals.

Some companies turn to printing service bureaus to commission labels, but the cost of a small run — one hundred or fewer labels, rather than the thousands often ordered by larger operations — is often prohibitive.

An in-house printer that can handle the types of inks and materials needed to accurately label cleaning solution bottles is the ideal solution for many.

Moreover, a printer with full-color font and graphic printing capabilities can improve your company’s brand image.

Marketing Private Label Solutions

The right in-house label printer can also benefit cleaning solution manufacturers looking to resell their products on a white label basis.

Many companies use proprietary cleaners, which are often formulated by a third-party for their exclusive use.

Branding is an important component of private labeling, but you need the proper tools to be successful in conveying your marketing message.

You may want to send a message to your customers that you use only green varieties or the most effective solution available for exceptional results.

However, those who wish to produce attractive labels that can withstand chemical contact run into the same problem encountered by companies that rebottle concentrated solutions: Hiring a service bureau to create a smaller batch of labels can be very expensive and cost-prohibitive.

Unfortunately, labeling requirements usually go beyond the capabilities of standard office printers and the ink they contain.

Provided you find an affordable printer that can handle industrial labels and use chemical-impermeable and liquid-resistant ink, producing your own customized labels in-house is an ideal solution.

Profiting From Efficiency

One maker of non-toxic, high-performance cleaners, Quick’n Brite, was able to reduce costs dramatically by purchasing a printer that could efficiently handle smaller printing runs.

It is estimated that, for smaller quantities, the company saves around 40 percent over the cost of having their labels produced by a printing service bureau.

The company also found that their in-house printer provides other advantages, such as the ability to print custom labels for virtually any type of bottle and the ability to use the full spectrum of colors to produce eye-catching labels in a variety of shapes.

It has been a great way for Quick’n Brite to easily accommodate special requests from their customers and to assist in their branding and messaging to clients, customers and perspective patrons.

Whether you rebottle concentrated solutions for use in the field or manufacture special, private labeled formulations for customers, durable labeling is a must.

It’s crucial for your staffs to be able to quickly identify the solutions they need and to ensure that they avoid mixing any solvents.

For companies that aren’t in the mass-production business, creating attractive, durable labels by sending the print job to an external vendor can be too expensive.

However, thanks to advanced printing technology, there are now more choices on the market than ever before — some of them are quite affordable, too.

Any company, business, operation or organization in need of flexible label production options should take a look at bringing their printing in-house — and cleaning up excess costs for greater profitability.

Posted On May 20, 2013

Peter Chalmers

Product Manager at Primera Technology Inc.

Peter Chalmers is the product manager at Primera Technology Inc., the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment. Primera Technology serves a variety of clients, including leading cleaning product manufacturers, both domestically and worldwide. For more information on the printing solutions available to you and your company or organization, please visit


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Increasing Brand Awareness With In-house Label Printing
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