Preventative Maintenance

facility maintenance, facility management
November 14, 2022 Emily Newton

Improve Hard Facility Management Services Through Software Technology

Technology and Trends

Managers can use software technology to improve hard facility management services, enhancing the quality of life for building occupants.

August 22, 2022 Bryan Christiansen

Protect Your Employees’ Health and Safety

Health and Safety

A facility manager’s responsibilities are immense, and that long list includes occupational health and safety as well. Here are four strategies that can help facility managers protect the well-being of their employees.

drain, sink drain
July 7, 2022 Klaus Reichardt

The Forgotten Part of Restroom Care…Drains


Letting your restroom drain go dry can lead to odors and fumes that can make building residents sick.

fuel consumption, gasoline, gas prices, fuel, inflation
June 3, 2022 Brian Canlas

Guard Your Company’s Revenue as Gas Prices Soar

Business and Management

Keeping your fleet well-maintained and ensuring your drivers don't drive aggressively or idle unnecessarily will help your business conserve fuel and save money

Equipment Maintenance
May 9, 2022 Bryan Christiansen

5 Steps to Create an Effective Equipment Maintenance Plan for Your Cleaning Business

Business and Management

Cut costs and improve productivity with comprehensive planning.

winter mat selection
January 17, 2022 John Engel

Mat Selection Tips to Combat Winter Floor Challenges

Hard Floors

Capture the majority of dirt and moisture before it enters your building with a proper matting system.

Floor mats
October 25, 2021 John Engel

Floor Mats Selection, Placement, and Care Tips

Hard Floors

Matting considerations include size, material, location, and facility type.

Preventative Maintenance
August 11, 2021 David Grandbois

Mind the Cs of Preventative Maintenance Planning

Facility Management

Seven strategies to create a cost-effective plan for your facility

clean for health
April 30, 2021 Kurt Kuempel

3 Best Practices for ‘Cleaning for Health’

Health and Safety

Consider these best practices to highlight your facility's commitment to its employees, building visitors, and customers.

fleet maintenance, cars, vehicles,
April 23, 2021 Matt Farnham

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Cleaning Companies

Business and Management

Preventative measures and regular checkups will keep your company vehicle costs down.

flammable liquids, fire safety
October 2, 2020 Kathleen Misovic

Store Flammable Liquids Safely

Facility Management

Pay attention to your facility's temperature, storage threshold, and other factors when you are storing flammable liquids such as cleaning fluids, hand sanitizer, and floor care chemicals.

2020 CMM Carpet Care Webinar
April 20, 2020 Sponsored by SoftBank Robotics

2020 CMM Carpet Care Webinar: The Right Match


This webinar will take you beyond the fundamentals in carpet care to learn advanced procedures for a better spot and stain removal as well as the latest developments in carpet fibers and cleaning systems.