Surface Cleaning

Germ Busters Webinar
March 3, 2023

Germ Busters: Ongoing Strategies for Clean & Healthy Facilities

Infection Control

Watch this hour-long webinar replay for practical tips that will help you stay on track with infection prevention in your facility.

Increase Your Knowledge, Improve Your Cleaning
February 13, 2023 Patricia LaCroix

Increase Your Knowledge, Improve Your Cleaning


Knowing the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing will help you and your cleaning crew get the most out of your cleaning products.

Shiny floors
February 2, 2023 HCPA Floor Care Products Division

Focus on the Finish

Hard Floors

Your facility’s flooring is a reflection of your facility’s overall image. If your floors look dingy, worn-out, and stained, that can impact how people view your facility. But by focusing on the flooring’s finish, you can improve its appearance as well as its safety.

mold, mold remediation
September 14, 2022 IICRC Staff and Volunteers

Got Mold?

Technology and Trends

When mold is found in indoors, mold remediation is a great option for many building owners and facility managers. However, it's important to first know what to look for when hiring a mold remediation professional.

cleaning aerobics
February 7, 2022 Gary Clipperton

Get Your Training Program Into Shape With Cleaning Aerobics


Bending and twisting can improve cleaning quality and reduce cross-contamination.

Respiratory droplet, pathogen
February 4, 2022 Robert Kravitz

The Life of a Respiratory Droplet

Health and Safety

With a better understanding of respiratory droplets, cleaning professionals can help minimize contact with disease-causing droplets and keep building users healthy.

cleaning performance questions
January 31, 2022 Stephen P. Ashkin

4 Questions Addressing Cleaning Performance

Health and Safety

Historically, we have based cleaning performance on appearance, but this method has serious limitations because what looks clean may not be clean at all.

Cleaning Technology Trends, Emerging Cleaning Technologies
December 1, 2021 Amy W. Richardson

Cleaning Technology Trends Roundup

Technology and Trends

CMM's annual benchmarking survey of building service contractors (BSCs) asked which emerging cleaning technologies BSCs plan to adopt in the next 12 months. Here is a roundup of the top five.

2021 CMM Hand Hygiene Webinar
October 22, 2021

CMM Webinar: Navigating the Intersection of Hand/Surface/Environmental Hygiene

Infection Control

Now is the time to be as vigilant as ever in our cleaning and infection control protocols and that starts with hand hygiene.

sustainable cleaning if offices
October 20, 2021 Kurt Kuempel

Strategies for Sustainable Cleaning in Offices

Facility Management

Here are four ways facility managers can promote healthier and environmentally friendly office buildings.

Cleaning Chemical Mistakes
September 1, 2021 Kathleen Misovic

Prevent Cleaning Chemical Mistakes

Health and Safety

When working with cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, it’s often the little things that trip people up. Here are some often-overlooked safety tips to protect workers and reduce risk.

cleaning chemicals, cleaning products
July 22, 2021 Komal K. Jain

Clean With Caution

Health and Safety

From cleaning and sanitizing to disinfecting, following best practices for using cleaning chemicals, such as reading the label, will ensure a better job with safer results.